The benifits of owning a Hot Tub

Built-in Hot Tubs

Sunken or above the ground, indoors or out, a hot tub is an enjoyable and therapeutic addition to any home. The remedial benefits of water have been acknowledged since the days of Ancient Greece, and today we understand even better what hydrotherapy can do for our muscles, skeleton, and psyche. Lying immersed in warm water, gently massaged by bubbles, is a deeply relaxing experience. Aches, pains, and stress are washed away, leaving you refreshed and calm.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Owners of inflatable hot tubs enjoy the advantages of this portable, temporary facility. Made of heavy duty PVC, it is filled and emptied using a hosepipe, so no plumbing is required, and it is plugged into the mains rather than being wired up to your consumer unit. It takes very little time to set up your inflatable hot tub – and very little time for it to be emptied, deflated, and packed away in its storage bag.

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