Pool Servicing

Maintaining your swimming pool

Water Chemistry and Pool Care is an essential part of owning a swimming pool. So ensuring the Swimming Pool owner has an understanding of Water Balance and a pool maintenance routine is important.

Pool Opening/Pool Commissioning

Many customers leave starting their pool up far too late and end up with a green pool, a pump that doesn’t work or a host of other problems. You then run the risk of missing a week of good weather early on in the summer. We recommend opening up you pool early in Spring to iron out any problems which may have occurred over the winter period so that when the decent weather arrives your pool is fully functional, clear and ready to start heating. Remember, you don’t have to start heating the pool straight away or even start servicing immediately but get the pool circulating and balanced correctly so your ready to swim.

Our team of professional service engineers are ready to open-up your swimming pool to alleviate the hassle and prepare your pool perfectly for the season ahead.

Pool Maintenance Norfolk

What We Can Offer

East Caost Hot Tubs and Pools have a highly skilled team of Pool Service Engineers with years of experience in the industry and can offer the highest quality maintenance schedule to tailor your swimming needs. We offer a range of regular maintenance schedules:

  • Summerising (opening pool)
  • Weekly Pool Servicing
  • Fortnightly Pool Servicing
  • Monthly Pool Servicing
  • Winterising (Closing pool for the winter)

Swimming Pool Care

Have you ever taken your pool cover off and found your swimming pool looking green? Have you had trouble keeping chlorine levels in the pool or is your pool constantly cloudy?

Most cases of algea in a swimming pool can be cured and cleared in 24 hours or less, if the pool has just turned green. The most common problem is due to incorrect dosing and maintenance of the pool which can be avoided using a few simple techniques and products.

Pool Service Routine

A typical pool service for a domestic swimming pool you would expect the following routine from a East Coast Hot Tubs And Pool Engineer.

  • Solar Cover taken off and cleaned
  • Pool netted and vacuumed
  • Tile band washed down
  • Backwash the filter/wash the cartridge
  • Full Water Balance Pool Test
  • Service record sheet filled out and dated
  • Water Balance adjusted if necessary and disinfectant added accordingly
  • Final check eg. Heating, cover on etc.
  • Minor repairs under £10 will be completed and then billed separately.

Service Area Covered

For pool servicing please call 07437669028

Our pool technicians are able to travel to all major towns and surrounding villages within Norfolk and Suffolk.

Prices per hour


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