Hot Tub Services

Hot Tub Services


- call out from £50 - 

What ever the issue rest assured we have the knowledge and experience to get you back running as soon as possible.

Annual Service 

- £239 -

Keep your spa in fully working condition with full annual service. Most manufactures recomend this and helps prolong the life of your spa.


- £139 - 

Let the experts close your spa down for the winter. Not doing this correctly can cause damage to pumps, heaters, sensors and seals.

Fresh Start

- £139 - 

Perfect for your 3 monthly drain down. Take out the hassel of draining and refilling your spa.

Freshen up your hot tub with one of our services.
To enjoy years of problem free use from your hot tub, we recommend an annual Spa Service. This will help look after your investment, as you would a car. A service keeps your spa in excellent condition and any small unnoticed faults to be simply rectified before larger and more costly problems develop.

When your spa is professionally cleaned the biofilm which builds up in your pipework over time will be removed. Biofilm can become harmful if not treated. Your spa should be flushed and drained every three months. We offer service packages perfect to help busy workers who perhaps are finding it difficult to find time to keep on top of your spa maintenance.

Most of our customers enjoy their hot tubs more in the winter. Your Hot Tub, when regularly serviced and maintained can offer a fantastic place to relax. On them cold winter days they can offer a fantastic place to destress and relax while soaking in hot water.
If your hot tub has already developed an issue don’t leave to get worse contact us and let us advise you on the best cause to take. Most of the time this will end up saving you money as if repaired earlier it will prevent unrepairable damage and costly replacements.

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