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Holiday Let Spas

As holiday home owners it’s difficult to understand what needs to be done to ensure you are running your holiday let correctly and safely. That’s why we supply the facts and are here to discuss your options. We are not only experts in hot tubs for personal use but with time served in the commercial and holiday leisure industry we truly understand holiday home owners and their guests.
Hot tubs can be a great addition to a holiday let. It will not only put your holiday home in the most sought after catorgry it will increase bookings in particular in the colder months.

We have broken down some of the main points from he HSG282

*Holiday home owners beware of new regulations

The HSG 282 was released on 20th January 2017. (download regulations here)


  1. Definition: Domestic Type Spa Pool – Business Use. (E.G. Holiday park individual lodges/cottages) A spa that is used for, or part of a business where there is financial reward and limited to 1 group of users per spa fill.
  2. Design bather load: The spa must be of a suitable size and water capacity for the amount of users within that lodge/caravan/building. E.g.a lodge that sleeps 6 must have a spa capable of safety handling 6 persons AND the ‘Bather Load’ with the water.
  3. Turnover of the body of water: The spa must be able to turnover the whole body of water through the spa filtration system within a maximum of 15 mins for low Bather load, reducing to 6 mins for high Bather load. (So ideally, work to the 6 minute turnover).
  4. In-line Sanitisation: This is a requirement to assist in keeping levels of residual sanitiser within the water during active use, pre & post bathing. (This DOES NOT replace the requirement for human checks and conventional water treatment.
  5. Cleaning and draining: The whole body of water must be flushed, drained and refilled after every group of users or weekly (whichever is sooner). For example, 1 family group check out of the lodge and another family check in, the water must be flush, drained and refilled BEFORE the next group can use the spa.
  6. Minimal pipework (especially air pipes): No deadlegs within the plumbing design.
  7. Shape and size:
  8. Supply, delivery and installations:
  9. Maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  10. NO floating dispensers allowed. In-line systems only.

Option 1 (Retreat)

Only £5000 including delivery, commissioning, chemical kit and insulated cover

  • Gecko Controls
  • Balboa 3HP Pump
  • 13amp (2kw heater) and 32amp (3kw heater) available
  • 77x77x36″ (196 x 196 x 91cm)
  • HSG282 Fully Compliant Hot Tub
  • No diverters or air regulators so the customers cannot break them
  • No pillows for customers to ruin or harbour bacteria
  • Only Jets and Lights button on the topside to prevent misuse
  • Frog in line dosing system
  • 2” drain valve so you can quickly empty the spa and re-fill between guests

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are the only suppliers in Norfolk and Suffolk of this fully compliant HSG282 holiday let spa. Don’t be miss lead by other companies who are tied into selling spa brands that do not offer a compliant spa. Don’t waste £1000s on a non compliant cheaper spa only to end up costing you more.

We also offer continued support with services from £35

Holiday Lets

- from £35 - 

With a number of options we can adapt our services to meet your requiments.

From weekly water testing to drain down and refill between guests.

Annual Service 

- £239 -

Keep your spa in fully working condition with full annual service. Most manufactures recomend this and helps prolong the life of your spa.


- £139 - 

Let the experts close your spa down for the winter. Not doing this correctly can cause damage to pumps, heaters, sensors and seals.

Fresh Start

- £139 - 

Perfect for your 3 monthly drain down. Take out the hassel of draining and refilling your spa.

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